Let us all come together… under one wide wingspan. We seem to all agree about what is not Love. Don’t tread on me… Right?

The American Way. Split down the middle. This way, that way. All of us pledged under God.

See King Con Sensus

The dominant Judeo-Christian Biblical context, in America and abroad, of our multi-culturally documented, shared ideas of duty, to pursue Truth; in all things, with a pure heart, seems clear and concise.  Shouldn’t that phrase of words, strung together, be separate from any brand of grouped and labeled people?  Truth is… It’s simple and generic.  Verily,… Continue Reading →

ABC’s of V vs P in lieu of G?

“Stricken with considerations adrift a deluge of incessant formations of water, like mud and spit spun together, out of our mouths and spirits to permeate in our ears and nose and eyes.” GA – #AllWordsMatterEvenTooT The ultimate conundrum for adults; might be simple for children to comprehend, when they are impressionable. What does it mean… Continue Reading →

Community Building

Are you a commune-istic minded person?  Should we apprehend you?  Hold you accountable?

Some One’s believe in Love for all of God’s creation.  Don’t know nuth’n bout your ways and means.  Keep tell’n ‘em your way is God’s right and good way.  Yell at them if you have to… pronounce them crazy!  Put your knee on them… till they don’t breathe anymore.  Pass’n that counterfeit manna like that.

Are you organically grown or have you been exposed to pesky people with pesticides for all?  Are you expecting us to accept this Love with those results?

Have you been genetically engineered? Have you tinkered yet with your genes? God helps those that help themselves while stepping on the future generations… of other tribes.  “Temper, temper now…”  I don’t need vindication Lord… Just Love across the Land!

Are you aware of an unseen hand at work to gain the world?  Are you scared or excited? To see finally?  How the road comes up to meet your bear feet.

Are you a wanted man or woman or roman patriot under God?  Is there a bounty on your head?  Or are you apprehended by THE Authority?  Or do you pre-date the current system.  Grand-fathered in… so to speak?

Can you be set free?  On bail or bond?  Full pardon?  Without censure?  Can you really be trusted without oversight? To be free to do and be?  All right and good to your neighbor?  Without the bounds and limitations of our skin in this world?   In the condition we are found in right now?  

“Yes Love… I know what your thinking…  you and all are in my hand… FOR Real Love.  My bounty.”

“I just don’t want you to perish out in the #wildlove.  I’m a little overprotective… I’m trying everything to mature us all together.  Through Love babe.”  

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We roll rocks down a mountain… Loosed to create a dam or block a road… maybe cover a whole… NVRMNDTMI

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Fun new feature… on twitter. BTW… Have you noticed what’s goin on over at Parler? Wolves with pretty teeth and dull shears. Fleecing lost sheep? All separated from the rest of us… We the people. Just look’n for loose change?

Originally tweeted by Aaron Gavin Tarpley 🤭sssh goat thinks she’s aram. (@GavinTarpley) on November 18, 2020.

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