Rag Dolls and Empty Jars… 

Cattle, Sheep and Bull Shit.

Golden P Tapes, a Halo and the Holocaust.

Gassed Masks, Robots… Virtually Realities.

AI controls to serve all.  Jesus, also called Jesus Christ, Jesus of Galilee, or Jesus of Nazareth willing to die in our steed.

Conditions Purify Pure Hearts at Will?  

Wheel of Fortune, Limited Liability Corporations and Shell Games People Play.

Progress results matter to Prophets.  God’s Purpose(s) vs Cost Analysis(s).  Is the Love of Money really the Root of ALL Evile?

Love Never Fails.  At Will Call.  The Just and the Unjust, the worthy and confused and deceived peoples scattered to follow a tower of babel.  Are we all JU’s?

Feather Mattresses, Pox Blankets, Tarps and Straight Leg Jeans. 

Boot Cut Flared Toughskins™ with Patched Knees. 

Belle Bottoms, Bicycles and Fat Bottom Girls.

Corn, Barley and Suga 

Cream of Wheat, Oatmeal and Grain

Iron and Nickel.

Hydrogen Atoms…

See King Con Sensus

The dominant Judeo-Christian Biblical context, in America and abroad, of our multi-culturally documented, shared ideas of duty, to pursue Truth; in all things, with a pure heart, seems clear and concise.  Shouldn’t that phrase of words, strung together, be separate from any brand of grouped and labeled people?  Truth is… It’s simple and generic.  Verily, Verily, the statement of faith stands on its own.  Seek the truth with a pure heart.  Love All Of Creation.

A call to duty is paramount, to the basis for arguing tax breaks, for faith based groups that use religion, about their denominational version of Faith, in anything called God, or now good will, by a majority consensus.  Finding Faith, while living in America, as is, can be an arduous task for many children.  Why is this the truth we find, seeking a dream idea, sold in America?

A common thread we find investigating the past behind us is a flood of water, called a deluge, and a Tower of Babel.  Is there an Ark of Covenant?  Seems suspect, we all share knowledge of the Pyramid’s existence.  A perfect Garden of Eden, or Atlantis, and maybe one hanging in Babylon.  Some also have a keen awareness of The Tower of Pisa; others have inner faith in a Game Of Thrones.  None are called to gain the world for themselves, over another, or enforce others desired forms of strongholds for protections.  If your called to do any bidding, on behalf of the universe, would you need all the supposed justifications of a religion, order or government support and approval?

Religious & non-religious organizations, proclaim value for their efforts to, document events, memorialize leaders, honor Saints, Gods or Prophets, proclaim declarations and proliferate matters of importance to all of humanity for Gods sake.  They get paid by God to feed the babes.  They say this is it, the best God can do on earth, because of us, We the people… in general, the bad apples.  The wise make lemonade and double down in faith for God and the Lord.  Many believe a version of truth, like a corrupted database that needs deciphering. Are you beholden to the brand of cereal or cracker-jacks you found your decoder sense in?

In the end, are there winners in a ponzi scheme?  Why was Paul in chains to the Gospel?  Is Pride and Envy; Lust and Evil, real and corruptible?  What is the basis for piety without actual results to see, touch and feel?

The worst part of our culture may be the indifference to accountability.  Truth is, no one would give up, power of attorney over their soul for gold, would they?  Are the stories, about selling kids into slavery, true?  I hear you… we have made some baby step progress.  Still the least among us cannot not pass through and experience just Love from those that came before.  Barometers do not lie.

What is a Golden Calf or Eagle?  A staff that becomes a snake when struck against the rock?  

Pressing those that support the church building system, whole heartedly, or are supported by the church, for a livelihood, to feed their kids and pay bills, will tell you their version of learned knowledge.  With gladness in their heart, you can take it or leave it.  Or roll up your sleeves and dig in while they watch and wait for you to make sense for them.  Use your Bible scriptures, watch out for the devil and demons. Keep showing God how much you Love, Capitalism. Profiteering.

The stories all share a common directive.  Divinity for the purpose of actions for wealth, security and prosperity, blessings. Who was David and Goliath?

Who was Samuel to anoint the one, who should lead a nation of people; striving for rights to land to live free of injustice? Were the Canaanites framed or rightfully murdered?  Smited by God? Is it Smited or Smitten?

A universally wise creature knows… only you can decide, to set yourself, to seek truth with a pure heart. Sell what you are beholden to for profits or sense of talents.  What I learned to refer to as Love in the universe, protects and preserves Truth; AND does not impose on freedom or liberty for any reason or compromise.  That is just by faith.  I have no proof to show you.

It does seem the books and bibles; manuscripts and transcripts shared and words in the world have greater meaning. The deeper and wider you wade into them.

Can the truth be discernible? Can We the people… forgive each other, acknowledging infractions on all sides? Would you, if they didn’t? Found it hard to quit?

If the name of God is attached, there is an invisible power associated with it?  Progressive commercials are working?  We are coming to know an unfathomable kind of Love across the Land of Kingdoms?

Who is the next David?  What’s up with Jesus?  Who is Peter?  Where is Waldo?  Where in the world is Carmen Santiago?  Did God make himself vulnerable, for our sake?

I didn’t make any of this up.  It was freely available, when I started seeking truth with a pure heart.  Fully convinced to Love, any way I could muster, with abandon.

Can God reseed a whole planet with life?  What happened on Mars?  Would that be easier than fixing what we have, established, on Earth?  Can you let go and actually help your neighbor with the Political and Economic issues we are beseeched with, under God?  Without imposing your idea of God and gears of prosperity on them, for a requirement to receive your, heartfelt blessing?  We need proof this is possible. 

The stories all prove we have not been made whole yet.  Freedom is… you have some Liberty to focus on your talents, even while ignoring the hard tasks, leaving them, stumbling blocks, for someone else to deal with.  Is peace and unity a religious or political order?  Do you need to impose a church system of faith or install a Pope like celebrity to ultimately control the economic system(s) we have created? 

Politics is just the evolution of rhetoric and pundintry.  Blessed us with another layer of military expenses, contractors, lobbyists and advocates to pay wages for stoking more fires to pay to put out.  We elect the devil to test and try us or them, every cycle, according to the Bible and proof documented now in the canals of our shared history.  On the walls of our White House and carved into mountains. Can a creature, with just a mustard seed of faith, move that or any mountain?

ABC’s of V vs P in lieu of G?

“Stricken with considerations adrift a deluge of incessant formations of water, like mud and spit spun together, out of our mouths and spirits to permeate in our ears and nose and eyes.”

GA – #AllWordsMatterEvenTooT

The ultimate conundrum for adults; might be simple for children to comprehend, when they are impressionable. What does it mean to be wise as a serpent? Servant or slave are ye or your neighbor? How do we deal with what is important to all of us? Everything… All at once? Come together with the Truth about our shared roots of Evil or focus on Love. Either way we end up at the same X, marks the, place we dig, with a free shovel, Unfathomable Unknowable, gave US ALL, to meet up at. I wonder if it was to replace the enmity God gave us in the Bible. You know… In The Beginning…

It’s semi-clear or eggshell Satin like after ©Hindsight2020 It should be best practice, already, to not throw rocks, of any kind. Or place anything at or on anyone for anything; according to Law under God; unless you have a Good Advocate. According to the Bible, between us, do not establish walls or borders or install stumbling blocks for tolls, if your a Christian; don’t even think about it.

Verily, verily… Prepare it ALL for the next generation; to come save your ass, or don’t it don’t really seem to matter. Is that the gest and jest of what is in our canons, myths, bible stories, documentaries & historical canals? Is there an end times? Kids do want to know… bout about the Bible. Start asking questions; incessantly. Some may not like it. The implications… of intellectual dishonesty. Against our Lords given of God.

Results do matter. On all accounts. Do you really need a sign or a pope or even a king like leader or celebrity to even this money $hit out for you? Can anyone dig up a root? Like the Bible story about David and Goliath implies.

V is for Value. Do We the people… need to explain what Real Value for ALL is in 2021 or 6770? Are there other dates to save in the documented Word between us? We are wide open for unfathomable, everything, after the childlike algorithms process understanding of God, Truth, Love & the I in inequity of results of Profits vs Gains for All Of Creation. I know… Blah, blah, blah…

I Yabba-Dabba Do… Unto you as I do unto myself. See the banner and badges, the great I am, is A Boy Scout of America? Serve God or Love of Truth?

About Freddie… And Flint Michigan. Is it just easier, path of least resistance to follow the flock on all this confusion and deception? It is a deluge to wade through, no doubt. Were we warned and reminded, as well, along the path chosen to take or led on?

What are Gains in the mind of Capitalisticids, Idealism or just ideas for dreams of Profits or Prophets? Is it for prophetable like Rewards and/or extra Sticks and Stones to throw or bones to bury. for later? Is it to create a deluge of debris for the younger or older genes to fall over or have to climb atop, to pound a chest? Was it an earthquake and/or comet or bomb?

The amount of stumbling blocks laid before us have become a blatant sign for all to wake up and insure a better tomorrow for real for the next ones coming. Knowing we are going into the fire for them, willingly. For the pursuit of Democracy? Just, American Dream’n. What happened to the big ideas in the Bible? About what the Gods could or might would do for some of us? Or all… If it could save everyone from themselves and their neighbor. That seems like a real miracle, given the proof in the pudding. Are we all in the same bowl? Is there all for one for real or just the one for all thing impressed by an invisible hand? What Table Scraps and Fish Food like Bread Crumbs or even Cheese Balls, did George Washington leave for the kids? Why is the P&E scene, for the kids, like it is?

Do International Globetrotters Gain the World or hear a Word? Everything… All at once?

Come together with the Truth about our shared roots of Evil or focus on Love. What was that diddy bout? In the Bible… We only see the back and heel of the foot of God. Luci/fer was all that until inequity was found… Needed to be Loved. Can you help save God? Can you see His face? Kids ask all sorts of questions. Are we there yet? Can I have more ash, please. The barometer and thermometer don’t feel right. Yet! There is Faith and Hope to fall back on. You did testify that clearly to the kids. See all fair-minded we can be about the truth about history. How far back can we go? To Contrast what we know now; with what, The Spirit Of Truth Protected and Preserved since the Dawn Of Existence.

Yeah… we don’t stop. Tickling or jab’n… Just keep going until it’s done and our idea of “God” says Weall Done inside for real in real-time for everyone. That… is worthy of rewards inside and out. No Inequity left, from the fire; we, have all been subjected to. Fighting, kicking and screaming at each other! Thank YOU! Merci or any tongue that wishes to speak… For Truth about everything.

Good News! We can come together reason this out and dig roots up to sell for greater Gains AND at a profit for those that came before us or behind us all. Presses for more for ALL.

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The Church part 2 – Heaven

This is our definition of heaven, for the kids, on earth. Our calling, as Christians, to stand steadfast in Grace with Knowledge of Hope with Faith in Mercy from God. Those that have heard and/or wandered for 40 years are exempt from the wages of sin. All, may or may not, enter the promised land alive.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it; is to find a way to communicate truth about Love. Amidst the sea of bodies, horses and bloody rocks that float; you will find safe harbor, if you seek with a pure heart. Look for the 3 crosses on a hill, the lighthouse has been destroyed. Watch out for those put in for worldly gains. Protect your Brother and Mother. What father among you, if his son asks for a fish, will instead of a fish give him a serpent? That can swim across channels & canals. The Good Doctor’s let Nurses give the various Lavages.

Church of Saint Simeon Stylites

Knowledge, that becomes understanding, and can evolve and morph into other things; unfathomable to humans and aliens, like the Judeo-Christian Bible describes. The attributes of God, Love, Lord, You, Me, Them, Us, We & All Truth, be known, are all inter-relative to seeking rewards for the earnest work. That diligent behavior, shown and displayed for all, for the spiritual rewards sought after, for gains while in the world.

Assignment for those found worthy of love from God, Lord of all creation…

Craft a message for 8 minutes and 46 seconds that explains this mess to kids: List of oldest church buildings

You can only use your Word, God gave you. Body language is questionable, be overly cautious. DO NOT use hand signs! Unless you know what your are doing.

Of course we are emphatic and blusterous, all together, as We the people, riled up. I just want you to dig, like a dog for a bone, knowing it’s impossible to prove anything is impossible. Like I had to? I’ve got a real retirement scheme work’n. Not this fake, counterfeit, hot mess.

Are you honest about what you know are mans abilities? Using words, puppets and moving pictures? Did the morals in the stories not change you? You didn’t read, much less, steep yourself in the Word?

Good News! Love uses all things we do and don’t do for good. It’s Gods pleasure, to work out your salvation, for you. Gods get paid well, by the Lord, you all know.

To get you to Heaven…


hevuhn ] SHOW IPA See synonyms for: heaven / heavens on Thesaurus.com


the abode of God, the angels, and the spirits of the righteous after death; the place or state of existence of the blessed after the mortal life.(initial capital letter) Often Heavens, the celestial powers; God. a metonym for God: May heaven help us! heavens, (used with a singular verb) a wooden roof or canopy over the outer stage of an Elizabethan theater. Usually heavens. the sky, firmament, or expanse of space surrounding the earth. SEE MORE


heavens, (used to express emphasis, surprise, etc.): For heaven’s sake! Good heavens!

Have fun dig’n with that shovel you got. There are upgrades available. Or maybe you found a way to skip the foolishness and bypass the house? Jesus went to make more rooms for ALL of us created by ” “

However you associate with Love Truth is your business. Don’t encroach on the children, please. Especially for a heaven on earth experience. This is a Hearth and Home for all… while your here.

I don’t mind sharing admonishment if Love directs me too. I ain’t gonna be silent like Jesus was… that was a display for Lord God to Love seeking for Truth. Call on the Lord of Love… Cry out to the Lord for help! When inequity is found in your Lords God.

The Truth Prevails… you even know that’s true, from experiences.

Are you diligent and earnest for rewards from Love for All Of Creation? Willing to move heaven and earth mountains, using only a mustard seed of faith given as a measure?

Did I mention Love Never Fails? To penetrate Rock, Iron and Titanium? Love uses Plutonium for pleasure. Did we corrupt it? What say you? Cast your cares, lots of love everywhere. Forget Mud & Spit!

Throw Love everywhere like you Just and don’t care about $in no more! Honesty is the best policy. You just didn’t know or really dig to seek and now… it is what it is. Clean up efforts for many. Watch out for Old dogs with new tricks! They are really old copies of old lost tricks of the tradesmen. In reality, there really isn’t anything new under the sun. I thought you knew that already from your professed faith in the

Continue reading “The Church part 2 – Heaven”

Easter Eggs Laid 6770 ©Hindsight2020

Are you aware of an unseen hand at work to gain the world?  Are you scared or excited? To see finally?  How the road comes up to meet your bear feet.

Are you a wanted man or woman for Love; or roman patriot under God? Is there a bounty on your head?  Or are you apprehended by THE Authority?  

Do you pre-date the current system.

Grand-fathered in… so to speak?

Can We the people… be set free? As is…  On bail or bond?  Full pardon?  Without censure? No ankle bracelet or mark for proof of life?  Can you really be trusted without oversight? To be free to do and be?  All right and good to your neighbor?  Without the bounds and limitations of more than our skin in this world?

In the condition we are found in right now?

“Yes Love… I know what your thinking…  you and all are in my hand… FOR Real Love.  My bounty.” “I just don’t want you to perish out in the #wildlove.  I’m a little overprotective… I’m trying everything to mature us all together.  Through Love babe.”  

Help me examine what’s been goin on… let’s discuss the thoughts that spawn in my mind and move my heart… as I examine what I see goin on around and in me… us.  I’m powerless and lost for words in everything… but you! You will honor yourself and we will benefit.  When your ready to Love us for real.  We are patient… Hopeful… Trusting in you God! We made it official in 1954… All have pledged to you, as a child, at least.

That you will not take us for more than we can handle!  

Will bless and not curse!  How much longer Lord?

Tik tok…What time is it? Love?

Verily… I’m getting anxious and giddy.  Dreaming about you.

“Right where I want you… for a season…” God

No Thank you…

You know what I want…  Love… Truth is a niche market?

What We need… Not unjustly, just, want. What you got… Love from the universe We the people… Trust in… for Gods love & love for Gold. We’ve witnessed how roots play in the garden. Can we all just acknowledge now?

Now please… We are waiting… where are you Love?
God & Lord needs help… Entertaining and Feeding our Ass!
Plays Space COwboy, helicopter Pops just needs help with the Landings.

We are awaking…


Together we are #relentless

Not willing to accept less than…


Rise up if you can please.

Let our voice Be heard!

Hey Neighbor… Are you beseeching our God? Yo, For what? A child in America ask’n kindly… gracefully; as we can.


Will you bow? Kneel? Curtsey? Negotiate, ask or plea for Manna or Mercy for All Of Creation? Will you simply give Merci? The Fine art books and shared scripturas reveal the secret to the mystery… answers to a riddle retold and confused for deceptions sake.


A book must be returned to the library folded… In original condition.

*I got fined for not following the letter of the law about that.


*You don’t want to mess with a librarian.

My infraction… I dog-eared a couple pages for future reference.

Stanza 33: “From the branch which seemed | so slender and fair Came a harmful shaft | that Hoth should hurl; But the brother of Baldr | was born ere long, And one night old | fought Othin’s son.”[7]Stanza 34: “His hands he washed not, | his hair he combed not, Till he bore to the bale-blaze | Baldr’s foe. But in Fensalir | did Frigg weep sore For Valhall’s need: | would you know yet more?”[7]


Hey… stand back and stand by…

I didn’t write it in to our mutual constitution… Or tell you to pledge your offspring’s allegiance to it.

Now your on the hook. Right side? or Left behind?

…Of the *tourbust…

In faith, and certain criteria, of action by works, of hands and feet; you will to endeavor and you will abide by… in the here and after.

Reckoning reality… Like Nova.


Are these the bees knees? From Avaris? Kyhan

Remains of a statue of the Twelfth Dynasty reappropriated by Hyksos ruler Khyan, with his name inscribed on the sides over an erasure.[1]

Did our ancestors, of modern day Protestant Christians and Catholics, borrow these knees? Are you a reformer or reframer?

First, let me say thank you to all the educators, entertainers and all the edifiers, around the world. Your works were not in vain.

It’s Christmas and I didn’t wrap your presents… I’m the one watching you unwrapping and gathering all the trash, for redemption tokens; by an almighty God of Love. Been trying to make us aware and all for decades, centuries and millennia.

All current reproofs, translations and transliterations of the original Word; are coming to know the true age of Love in the universe. Will every knee bow? Ask Kesed.

Avaris Officials

Don’t just people watch… leaning on your own understanding. Investigate the basis for your faith, test and try the spirits, with a pure heart, you may miss the toilers marks and salt licks. Revelations from all the Word, since creation. Pictures and books, created, and now scrambled together in your head and heart, like eggs. Those are the books this world was built on, the famous tower of babel and leaning tower of Pisa. Leading to the reformation and redemption of NUSA.

This year, I asked Santa for Mercy. Had to connect with Grace and confirm with Faith for access. You don’t want to know what they wanted for the request for favor, for all of US in A and AOC. All Of Creation.

Is the modern day transliterated word Avarice? By association to what happened in Avaris? Or something else?

Just Questions for unjust people, that lost their way. Convicted themselves, like revealed in the words in our Bible? Did the seed of truth, land in one side of your heart or head, or the other?

You need proper amounts of water and sunlight. The deluge has left us waterlogged. Your warden filed a request for more time outside in the sun. Dr. Strangelove is coming to administer rehabilitation. A promise that leads to redemption and full restoration; even if you do not believe. You cannot change the the Truth about Love.

Try and try and try again, as you might.

Love only blesses and helps AOC. (I’ll spell it out for you, that is a period.)

Does man kind corrupt and pollute creation? Have we all fallen short of glory? What do you really believe about God, yourself and your neighbor? What about Love!? And Nahor?



Jesus is documented as saying “I Desire Mercy, Not Sacrifice!”

Go and learn what Life means to do about Love.


We all want answers to assurance. A never ending well of… well, of all the things we attribute to Love. Health, acts of God insurance, education, psychology, prosperity… Love of the Father.

First things first… As we dig and throw dirt over our backs and off to the sides; we only know Faith about Grace and Eternal Mercy by those, testimonies, that go before us. If I had to go by sight alone, It seems more like eternal infernal contrition, being propagandized. Fueled by encouraged willing debt and tithes; and imposed taxes, for obedience to laws. Laws that don’t really seem to be producing good wells for all of us.

Do you really understand religion, politics and economy? Capitalist pigs and Utopian donkeys. Funny thing about Gods sense of humor, all of creation is happening in real-time, by his hands. Pushing, no more pulling nigh.

Are you beholden to the Word you learned in school? Text books being affected and altered for understanding and advancements.

Sell all you are beholden to; you were commanded to obey, this scripture. Did you pledge allegiance to America, under God? Are you free to worship God or Love or Jesus, Allah or Buddha; in America? Jaan and Atshan? I’m hungry and thirsty for the promises made to us, through the churches and temples; as implied and described, through scripture, your beholden to manifest, by your hands and feet. Words and works, that come from your heart, through your mouth and body language.

Do you really know your King? Do we need to bend over backwards to preserve the great unions and churches; or Love the creatures Love created in our world? Are you beholden to a translated copy of Loves Creation Story? A maze of nods to those who came before us. Would you throw your children into the fire, by faith, if it would benefit thee and they, in some way?

What do I need to do to help you? The problem is not a failure of Truth to Love you and I.

We simply do not have the full capacity for it all… the truth… we can’t handle it all at once.

It actually might take 40 or more years, before we become contrite, about what we do not really know and what we think we do have a sense of. People watching and following. The Pope is like O.J. or Trump, a celebrity figure you can enjoy and follow.

Can you by-pass Grace and Faith to get to Mercy? Should we sacrifice our first or second born children? Would a cunning capitalist, think a thought of lust, to have as many first-born children, as possible; just to test and try the idea? What happens when, the world finds out, you had a child from a prior relationship?

What if none of your children, grow up, to share your idealism of faith? What if Love sent a child to save you from confusion and deception?

You have no real sense of what you are doing… just like Jesus said.

The reasons for the seasons.

People are like sheep.

The churches footing bills to support hierarchy.

The boy scouts of America.

The labor of unions.

The voters for rights.

The military and moderators for security of the babes and children, eligible for the draft.

The secret garden entrance, through the den.


Jesus saved me? Jesus made me aware of Love. Convinced me Love exists in real-time. Exposed hypocrisy, confusion and deception.

Can I stand and testify? Was you, or I, there and have proof for court in this world?

You can share Faith or tell people what information you are learning to believe. It is not my, or your endeavor to shake, rattle and roll, heads and hearts, to believe in this brand of shade, vizor or blind strategy. Vaccine or mask. We are to be a light in the darkness of real life and existence on planet earth… the hearth of the galaxy. Dust in; better than Gold out. The furnace of Love. Love created.

What one Word, given to us, describes an unfathomable everything to all of us? Love is the greatest of the options of Faith, Hope and Love. My opinion. They all love Truth, as I do.

Wise as the serpent, effective as a pure hearted servant, steadfast like a slave for Love in Stockholm.


Contriteness, by your own testimony, should be the effect of living in this mess, with divine discernment and understanding… Sell what you are beholden to. It’s caused you to sin against your neighbor. Lift up all of creation, to the same scrutiny.


This goat is pregnant with twins, maybe triplets. Ewe people… Remember Covfefe.


It’s up to you. To dig for roots of understanding, and prepare yourself, using the Word and a incorruptible mirror. Made from antimony, mercury and sugar. Knowledge is readily available, to all. Wisdom comes from seeking for Truth, with a pure heart about understanding all of creation. Quran says you may need reminding. That the Bible warned you about deception and confusion; about sharing in glory and suffering.

A contrite President of the US in America, would stand and acknowledge injustice, roots of economy and corrupt systematic infrastructure. Do your own research. We can go make a new planet, with the power of Love. Many of Loves creations have tried to express it, leave table scraps and bread crumbs, for your journey through space. We all come together, if you are saved by the story of the name of Jesus.

As one, liberated and free, from the chains and bounds; even of a rebrand of Faith?

Faith, derived from Latin fides and Old French feid,[1] is confidence or trust in a person, thing, or concept.[1][2]

You should know what you are selling children… Fides.

Do your own leg work on Feid and how it relates to our shared story in Genesis and other books or works of faith; in the universe. It’ll be more valuable for your babe; Love you.


Phut or Put (Hebrew: פוט‎ pûṭSeptuagintGreek Φουδ Phoud) is the third son of Ham (one of the sons of Noah), in the biblical Table of Nations (Genesis10:6; cf. 1 Chronicles1:8). The name Put (or Phut) is used in the Bible for the people of the Kingdom of Aksum (Ethiopia),[1] but a few scholars proposed the Land of Punt known from Ancient Egyptian annals.[2]

Wanna wash my feet? No? Just Nahum?

(Nahum 3:1), a reference to the Neo-Assyrian Empire’s military campaigns and demand of tribute and plunder from conquered cities.

Jonah had already uttered his message of warning, and Nahum was followed by Zephaniah, who also predicted (Zephaniah 2:4–15) the destruction of the city.

Table Scraps and Fish Food all I got left for this Triathlon event. Seems to be an infinite, on demand, supply of knowledge… I blame Grace and Mercy.

Edify & Fortify – Share your Perspicuity about the Acrostic.

Glossed Terms: For those earnest for just rewards. Seek the truth with a pure heart. Search the Word, World and Womb; until you find True Love! For me and your neighbors benefits. You don’t really Love All Of Creation? Just don’t really care to do anything for those others? Tell me, babe, about your idol god.



Although all three chapters fall below the standards set by the developed Judaeo-Christian tradition concerning the nature of God and man’s relation with his brother man… it is one of the world’s classic rebukes of militarism…. All tyrants are doomed. They make enemies of those whom they attack and oppress; they become corrupt, dissolute, drunken, effeminate; they are lulled into false security…

— Charles L. Taylor, Jr.[7]

Lebor Gabála Érenn

“Tuan watches Nemed”, illustration by Stephen Reid in T. W. Rolleston’s Myths & Legends of the Celtic Race, 1911
Ambassadors of the Fir Bolg and Tuath Dé meeting before the Battle of Moytura, illustration by Stephen Reid
“The Coming of the Sons of Miled”, illustration by Stephen Reid

Lebor Gabála Érenn


Glossed terms of a new deal…


Ear Nest

Re Ward

Re Public

Re Ckon

Re New

Love Never Fails!™

Tough as nails love!!!

Rib® Flog

Bil Frog?

Lib Frog!

Rif Glob

Blog A Media








My Lesions

Scars Sweat Blood

Stars & Stripes

Is Ra Elite!?

Ire Across The Land

Six or Seven?

Skip Bo?

Passover Two or Three Days?



Only God knows what and why?

Searching to and fro for whom may be blessed?

Plenty of room for contrite hearts about the mess.

What was that about history repeating itself?

In the beginning was the Word? Double-edged swords?

You still have to rightly divide it, even today.

Your knife should be able to cut through bread and cut a nail.

What era cycle are you on?



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