See King Con Sensus

The dominant Judeo-Christian Biblical context, in America and abroad, of our multi-culturally documented, shared ideas of duty, to pursue Truth; in all things, with a pure heart, seems clear and concise.  Shouldn’t that phrase of words, strung together, be separate from any brand of grouped and labeled people?  Truth is… It’s simple and generic.  Verily, Verily, the statement of faith stands on its own.  Seek the truth with a pure heart.  Love All Of Creation.

A call to duty is paramount, to the basis for arguing tax breaks, for faith based groups that use religion, about their denominational version of Faith, in anything called God, or now good will, by a majority consensus.  Finding Faith, while living in America, as is, can be an arduous task for many children.  Why is this the truth we find, seeking a dream idea, sold in America?

A common thread we find investigating the past behind us is a flood of water, called a deluge, and a Tower of Babel.  Is there an Ark of Covenant?  Seems suspect, we all share knowledge of the Pyramid’s existence.  A perfect Garden of Eden, or Atlantis, and maybe one hanging in Babylon.  Some also have a keen awareness of The Tower of Pisa; others have inner faith in a Game Of Thrones.  None are called to gain the world for themselves, over another, or enforce others desired forms of strongholds for protections.  If your called to do any bidding, on behalf of the universe, would you need all the supposed justifications of a religion, order or government support and approval?

Religious & non-religious organizations, proclaim value for their efforts to, document events, memorialize leaders, honor Saints, Gods or Prophets, proclaim declarations and proliferate matters of importance to all of humanity for Gods sake.  They get paid by God to feed the babes.  They say this is it, the best God can do on earth, because of us, We the people… in general, the bad apples.  The wise make lemonade and double down in faith for God and the Lord.  Many believe a version of truth, like a corrupted database that needs deciphering. Are you beholden to the brand of cereal or cracker-jacks you found your decoder sense in?

In the end, are there winners in a ponzi scheme?  Why was Paul in chains to the Gospel?  Is Pride and Envy; Lust and Evil, real and corruptible?  What is the basis for piety without actual results to see, touch and feel?

The worst part of our culture may be the indifference to accountability.  Truth is, no one would give up, power of attorney over their soul for gold, would they?  Are the stories, about selling kids into slavery, true?  I hear you… we have made some baby step progress.  Still the least among us cannot not pass through and experience just Love from those that came before.  Barometers do not lie.

What is a Golden Calf or Eagle?  A staff that becomes a snake when struck against the rock?  

Pressing those that support the church building system, whole heartedly, or are supported by the church, for a livelihood, to feed their kids and pay bills, will tell you their version of learned knowledge.  With gladness in their heart, you can take it or leave it.  Or roll up your sleeves and dig in while they watch and wait for you to make sense for them.  Use your Bible scriptures, watch out for the devil and demons. Keep showing God how much you Love, Capitalism. Profiteering.

The stories all share a common directive.  Divinity for the purpose of actions for wealth, security and prosperity, blessings. Who was David and Goliath?

Who was Samuel to anoint the one, who should lead a nation of people; striving for rights to land to live free of injustice? Were the Canaanites framed or rightfully murdered?  Smited by God? Is it Smited or Smitten?

A universally wise creature knows… only you can decide, to set yourself, to seek truth with a pure heart. Sell what you are beholden to for profits or sense of talents.  What I learned to refer to as Love in the universe, protects and preserves Truth; AND does not impose on freedom or liberty for any reason or compromise.  That is just by faith.  I have no proof to show you.

It does seem the books and bibles; manuscripts and transcripts shared and words in the world have greater meaning. The deeper and wider you wade into them.

Can the truth be discernible? Can We the people… forgive each other, acknowledging infractions on all sides? Would you, if they didn’t? Found it hard to quit?

If the name of God is attached, there is an invisible power associated with it?  Progressive commercials are working?  We are coming to know an unfathomable kind of Love across the Land of Kingdoms?

Who is the next David?  What’s up with Jesus?  Who is Peter?  Where is Waldo?  Where in the world is Carmen Santiago?  Did God make himself vulnerable, for our sake?

I didn’t make any of this up.  It was freely available, when I started seeking truth with a pure heart.  Fully convinced to Love, any way I could muster, with abandon.

Can God reseed a whole planet with life?  What happened on Mars?  Would that be easier than fixing what we have, established, on Earth?  Can you let go and actually help your neighbor with the Political and Economic issues we are beseeched with, under God?  Without imposing your idea of God and gears of prosperity on them, for a requirement to receive your, heartfelt blessing?  We need proof this is possible. 

The stories all prove we have not been made whole yet.  Freedom is… you have some Liberty to focus on your talents, even while ignoring the hard tasks, leaving them, stumbling blocks, for someone else to deal with.  Is peace and unity a religious or political order?  Do you need to impose a church system of faith or install a Pope like celebrity to ultimately control the economic system(s) we have created? 

Politics is just the evolution of rhetoric and pundintry.  Blessed us with another layer of military expenses, contractors, lobbyists and advocates to pay wages for stoking more fires to pay to put out.  We elect the devil to test and try us or them, every cycle, according to the Bible and proof documented now in the canals of our shared history.  On the walls of our White House and carved into mountains. Can a creature, with just a mustard seed of faith, move that or any mountain?

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