ABC’s of V vs P in lieu of G?

This has been A Childlike Commotion Production… We were or weren’t we all told to point and wag the tail like a dog until Master is fully convinced and satisfied.

Follow your heart for Love of Truth for Gods sake! If it was in deeded, like you testify, all given, to God like a creature, you been tell’n kids will send them to Hell. For eternity!? Seems like you are driven… by confusion and deception chasing something. Bark… Bark, Bark!

Advanced Kinder Garden 6770 Series Content

Raagedoll A. Plutonium

Ride Like The Wind…

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One thought on “ABC’s of V vs P in lieu of G?

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  1. Reblogged this on Responsible Rhetoric and commented:

    Verily, verily… Prepare it ALL for the next generation; to come save your ass, or don’t it don’t really seem to matter. Is that the gest and jest of what is in our canons, myths, bible stories, documentaries & historical canals? Is there an end times? Kids do want to know… bout about the Bible. Start asking questions; incessantly. Some may not like it. The implications… of intellectual dishonesty. Against our Lords given of God.


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