Easter Eggs Laid 6770 ©Hindsight2020

Are you aware of an unseen hand at work to gain the world?  Are you scared or excited? To see finally?  How the road comes up to meet your bear feet.

Are you a wanted man or woman for Love; or roman patriot under God? Is there a bounty on your head?  Or are you apprehended by THE Authority?  

Do you pre-date the current system.

Grand-fathered in… so to speak?

Can We the people… be set free? As is…  On bail or bond?  Full pardon?  Without censure? No ankle bracelet or mark for proof of life?  Can you really be trusted without oversight? To be free to do and be?  All right and good to your neighbor?  Without the bounds and limitations of more than our skin in this world?

In the condition we are found in right now?

“Yes Love… I know what your thinking…  you and all are in my hand… FOR Real Love.  My bounty.” “I just don’t want you to perish out in the #wildlove.  I’m a little overprotective… I’m trying everything to mature us all together.  Through Love babe.”  

Help me examine what’s been goin on… let’s discuss the thoughts that spawn in my mind and move my heart… as I examine what I see goin on around and in me… us.  I’m powerless and lost for words in everything… but you! You will honor yourself and we will benefit.  When your ready to Love us for real.  We are patient… Hopeful… Trusting in you God! We made it official in 1954… All have pledged to you, as a child, at least.

That you will not take us for more than we can handle!  

Will bless and not curse!  How much longer Lord?

Tik tok…What time is it? Love?

Verily… I’m getting anxious and giddy.  Dreaming about you.

“Right where I want you… for a season…” God

No Thank you…

You know what I want…  Love… Truth is a niche market?

What We need… Not unjustly, just, want. What you got… Love from the universe We the people… Trust in… for Gods love & love for Gold. We’ve witnessed how roots play in the garden. Can we all just acknowledge now?

Now please… We are waiting… where are you Love?
God & Lord needs help… Entertaining and Feeding our Ass!
Plays Space COwboy, helicopter Pops just needs help with the Landings.

We are awaking…


Together we are #relentless

Not willing to accept less than…


Rise up if you can please.

Let our voice Be heard!

Hey Neighbor… Are you beseeching our God? Yo, For what? A child in America ask’n kindly… gracefully; as we can.

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