Will you bow? Kneel? Curtsey? Negotiate, ask or plea for Manna or Mercy for All Of Creation? Will you simply give Merci? The Fine art books and shared scripturas reveal the secret to the mystery… answers to a riddle retold and confused for deceptions sake.


A book must be returned to the library folded… In original condition.

*I got fined for not following the letter of the law about that.


*You don’t want to mess with a librarian.

My infraction… I dog-eared a couple pages for future reference.

Stanza 33: “From the branch which seemed | so slender and fair Came a harmful shaft | that Hoth should hurl; But the brother of Baldr | was born ere long, And one night old | fought Othin’s son.”[7]Stanza 34: “His hands he washed not, | his hair he combed not, Till he bore to the bale-blaze | Baldr’s foe. But in Fensalir | did Frigg weep sore For Valhall’s need: | would you know yet more?”[7]


Hey… stand back and stand by…

I didn’t write it in to our mutual constitution… Or tell you to pledge your offspring’s allegiance to it.

Now your on the hook. Right side? or Left behind?

…Of the *tourbust…

In faith, and certain criteria, of action by works, of hands and feet; you will to endeavor and you will abide by… in the here and after.

Reckoning reality… Like Nova.

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