Are these the bees knees? From Avaris? Kyhan

Remains of a statue of the Twelfth Dynasty reappropriated by Hyksos ruler Khyan, with his name inscribed on the sides over an erasure.[1]

Did our ancestors, of modern day Protestant Christians and Catholics, borrow these knees? Are you a reformer or reframer?

First, let me say thank you to all the educators, entertainers and all the edifiers, around the world. Your works were not in vain.

It’s Christmas and I didn’t wrap your presents… I’m the one watching you unwrapping and gathering all the trash, for redemption tokens; by an almighty God of Love. Been trying to make us aware and all for decades, centuries and millennia.

All current reproofs, translations and transliterations of the original Word; are coming to know the true age of Love in the universe. Will every knee bow? Ask Kesed.

Avaris Officials

Don’t just people watch… leaning on your own understanding. Investigate the basis for your faith, test and try the spirits, with a pure heart, you may miss the toilers marks and salt licks. Revelations from all the Word, since creation. Pictures and books, created, and now scrambled together in your head and heart, like eggs. Those are the books this world was built on, the famous tower of babel and leaning tower of Pisa. Leading to the reformation and redemption of NUSA.

This year, I asked Santa for Mercy. Had to connect with Grace and confirm with Faith for access. You don’t want to know what they wanted for the request for favor, for all of US in A and AOC. All Of Creation.

Is the modern day transliterated word Avarice? By association to what happened in Avaris? Or something else?

Just Questions for unjust people, that lost their way. Convicted themselves, like revealed in the words in our Bible? Did the seed of truth, land in one side of your heart or head, or the other?

You need proper amounts of water and sunlight. The deluge has left us waterlogged. Your warden filed a request for more time outside in the sun. Dr. Strangelove is coming to administer rehabilitation. A promise that leads to redemption and full restoration; even if you do not believe. You cannot change the the Truth about Love.

Try and try and try again, as you might.

Love only blesses and helps AOC. (I’ll spell it out for you, that is a period.)

Does man kind corrupt and pollute creation? Have we all fallen short of glory? What do you really believe about God, yourself and your neighbor? What about Love!? And Nahor?



Jesus is documented as saying “I Desire Mercy, Not Sacrifice!”

Go and learn what Life means to do about Love.

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