Potential Questions For Discussion, Reference Points And Various Evidentiary Claims.

For The Prosecution And Defense Of All Creation.

Commissioned By Naan Cæn & Whᴂt Evæ Chaff

on behalf of

Wæves O. Pᴂple & All O. Crᴂtion

Looking For Loopholes & Strategic Information. How to die by the sword of truth. Before we all get our hands cut off. So as to be renewed, restored and made whole, as promised, by other creatures among us. Under the law. In our books. By our mouths, we confessed. Some of us are guilty. Some say all of us. If we can collect, we can spread it out amongst all of us. Assess damages and report to your soul with an itemized list.

Suit to be filed in the Court of Mother Natures Womb.  

We the people… VS. Our Anus.

We receive the right to pursue the death penalty, as leverage.  The plaintiff wishes and seeks for, entitled, corrective measures and full restoration to all of creation.

The Honorable Spirit Love presiding.  The decider and ultimate judge of truth, between us.

Let’s get The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band to kick us off.  

Authors Note: Our Articles could be crafted better, always room to, con a trite bit more talent. Tell me… what have you been doing about it? Author of Hearts says discern the truth. Story goes… The Queen needs more furniture, bedding and jewelry; makeup and dresses. Shoes.

Should equal weight and consideration be given to these stories, as we promote the Judeo-Christian collection of stories in the Holy Bible?  Foretelling and justifying Nations. Bible saith your silly with it… some disease or sickness.

I Divide The Thorny See Willie Coyote and the backside of a Roadrunner… To make a new Creature.

Stories we honor, incorporate and pass on generationally, for our sense of justification, justice and practice as a nation, under God; Constitutionally?  

The meaning of ALL OF CREATION is assumed knowledge? You know what they say…




Servant or Slave? Is your name in the book? How do you spell that? For the subpoena and claimant settlement check. Are you exempt? What is your status?

Adam strolling through the Kingdom… Can you find Waldo?

Do we have a duty to the whole body of creation?  

  • To do our best in all endeavours?  We choose to pursue with liberty. Liberally with Grace. You better Hope too.
  • Be transparent about all things?  Freely, liberated and set free, to do so.
  • To be humble?  Walking in light of truth about Love, Things and God and All Of Creation.
  • Rid ourselves of strife and turmoil? This is obvious; easier said than done. Best practice.
  • Love our neighbor as we love ourself? Exercise. Execute Love.
  • Die heralding the truth and standing for truth and justice? Up on a cross or rooftop, holding arms up.
  • Choose the lesser of two evils?  Ignoring the obvious fact in that statement. Bury a head with a hand out.
  • Go back to debating?  Whether the other side will lose next time. Cast a lot of disparity about it with your neighbor.
  • Focus on strategizing and campaigning for more dollars to be donated to protect our rights and freedoms?  
  • Are you not dizzy yet? Damn the helpless, homeless; alien male man. Where is the baby God sent to save me?
  • Did someone poison the grain created? Our dairy cows and honey bees. Are furiously loving us; patiently enduring.
  • At what threshold of turmoil do we realize we are a party to it too? Strive becomes contrite by nature.  Produce works by faith, born of overcomers, shrewd loving and compelling nature.

*Hoes only know how to dig by jab and drag techniques.

This Suit, already on the Docket, is an Eternal Process… Tempered and Tamed by the Truth about Mercy and Sacrifice.

Can old dogs learn new tricks?

More information to be thrown on us here later. 

Not more than we can handle; taking time to read and pray over.  Prey like an animal for Love.

Love Never Fails!

If you’re not too busy; sharing in someone’s perceived glory; already in a dimension of heaven, while still in your body.  No doubt, actively engaged in ignoring, negating or flat out disparaging another creature; for their actions and behavior, or lacks thereof. 

As we got forgiven, accepting clemency, set free, and went out and held sin debt over others. 

Like deceived snakes, foxes and wolves; all with sheeps clothing or cloaks on like capes. 

That too hot or cold? 

All transparent? 

Too much, too soon? 

It’s time to get serious about playing school and church. 

Governments, nations and kings and rulers; and We the people will yield to Love, whether you have got the spirit in you or not. 



Love is King, never fails. Call on the King of kings for help.


No end stop dot period.

Are you missing a few pieces to the puzzle? Did you check the side of the box? Look under your foot.

Are you the missing link?

Love sent me… and you for them.

Click Bait leads to Table Scraps and a kick in the ass.

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