Segregation!? This is what happens when mixed raced White men are inspired by Black women! What would it look like? Ludacris spit’n and rhyming Reba? Kanye could rendition Janice Joplin, no doubt.

Eminem doing a rendition of a Solange track? Duet? Would you wanna see that?

Set me free, Love! Let’s all get drunk and naked! All intimate and sensual like.

Like in the Bible! You misunderstood me! Didn’t interpret that right at all. Then went and framed me, all in less than a minute, in your mind. Like if you lusted. We all need to walk around with disclaimer signs. I speak a foreign language. If we don’t understand each other does that mean your goofy and I’m silly? Tigger and Pooh Bear?

I say what I mean.

I want to get drunk on the spirit and get naked, metaphorically, of course, gaze at myself in a mirror. I think indecent exposures is frowned upon, in public. My luck… I’d get raped in public and in jail. Truth is… I have been locked in a strange woman’s bedroom. She took one look at me… I didn’t see it coming. Like a deer in the headlights analogy.

Not with Faith, Grace and Mercy, Love and Truth, them Spirits… Ravage, rape and plunder me Love, when we get home or whenever you want! Would it offend you if I called it an orgy? I’m talking to Love babe.

Love seen you naked? Love don’t make fun of you when we are together. Promise!

Of course you caught on to me quick… mind’s eyes see interdimensional beings. We on a journey. Are you a multi-dimensional creature or fully matured demonstrable being? Unjustly called a sinner? Are you just seeking to seek truth with a pure heart? Find you may be gullible or niave? Odd duckling… Quack, quack… hear me? Feed me… Some need help, beyond understanding. Ain’t refined as much as you? Different refinements? Something someone else lacks?

Don’t we all want what we don’t have… or used to.

Pop Quiz: What comes after the Pride Stage?

Results: How did you do? Self Graded…

Remember!! You can’t cheat the system. No where to hide… your found and don’t know it. Only torment ourselves, really. Except there is a goliath and you are our David… get your ass a sling and stone the giant! Or support the people who will, Love with abandon! Like depicted… in the story of David and Goliath. Or make a movie about what it would be like. If someone did.

We know this system, does not work well. It is extremely costly and only a few reap the benefits. See how hard they try? to get to your money? That, babe, is our Goliath. This time, we are all collectively David and Jesus and Confucius and all the creatures Love uses. You and me. Might go together like opposites attract. Might be good for super twin powers, on call for Love’s calling. Word says…

To love with abandon… means to love recklessly with zero expectation. To love completely, without giving any thought to outside influence (race, age, status, religion).

Ever feel like your the only one that gets forgiveness and mercy? Like your living on an island? We are sometimes… depends on what part of the sea your in.

I just make seed planting semi-entertaining or just and not hurt as much. You talk to the Spirit of Truth about right or wrong data. Let no man tell you where to store it. Much stays in your mental que. Or streams in and out and back somehow. Do you ever remember anything? You know what I mean. Most is written on your heart, the rest is in all of creation.

The one lost sheep I’m fishing for… You didn’t know you could fish for lamb meat, did you? Most humane way to eat a Gyro! They come in the gate willingly.

How can we actually realize the promise of unity and one accord for greater good and unmerited prosperity for All of Creation. That’s all I have found to truly hope for here in this world, where Bibles and Books; buildings with steeples and towers, exist. I like the Library best… Everyone quiet over there. Learning new tricks and trades. For life more abundantly. First things first… Fix our economics system and let the political system implode. Trust in Love. Actually walk by Faith. We can overcome the rhetoric and evil… there I said it… evil is at the root of this. Some, with an alien, perceived sense of power, to achieve some fruition of desire, that depends on the will of the people, voting for them. Does living only by faith require doing some math? Is that why!? We had to learn Math Sciences!?? We been wondering, corporately. Why do we need Math? Base math supports advanced math.

1+1 = 3 when you add an extra one, when no one is looking, like a magician. Or it may have a smell of deception about it. Test and try the Spirits, so you know. Why your supporting, casting your lot in. I ain’t arguing about which is right and left behind. I’m pointing everyone to the elephant in the room…

Is the bride getting ready? Am I early? No bachelor party? What’s with all the Rose’s? All the men and women creatures; cameras? 40 day competition!? WTF!?? I knew there was a twist…

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